Yiwu Mingrong Thread Industry Co.,Ltd

Company Profile Yiwu Mingrong Thread Industry Co.,Ltd. Our story started from 1993, we began to make sewing threads as a family workshop with 5 family members. Mingrong Thread Industry Co.,Ltd. was registered in 1999, we invested a lot of advanced equipments and machines, not only manufacturer of sewing threads, but also embroidery threads and other threads.

Hot Products

    • TR Stretch Denim Fabric Made In China

      TR Stretch Denim Fabric Made In China

      dark indigo blue TR stretch denim with light slub effect

    • 20 Degree Water Soluble Thread

      20 Degree Water Soluble Thread

      This thread is used in quilts where you need the fabrics to be held together securely, but you don't necessarily want the thread to show up in the finished quilt. At some point, you will soak the project in water and wash out the water soluble thread leaving only the regular thread and fabric behind. For example, you can use water soluble thread to thread baste your quilt either by hand or by machine. Basting by machine is especially secure and will reduce the amount your quilt shifts as you quilt it from the center to the outside edges. Because you've used water soluble thread, you can leave the stitches in place while you quilt. After the quilting is complete, soak the quilt in lukewarm water to remove all the water soluble thread, leaving only your beautiful quilting stitches behind