Application of sewing thread

- Jun 06, 2018-

The comprehensive goal of evaluating the quality of sewing thread is stitching. Stitching shows that sewing threads can stitch smoothly and form good stitches under regular conditions, and stick to mechanical functions in the tracks. The quality of sewing will directly affect the production power, sewing quality and wearing function of clothing. According to the national standard rules, the grade of sewing thread is divided into grade one, grade two and other grade. In order to make sewing thread have the best stitching in garment processing, the sewing effect is satisfactory. It is very important to select and use sewing thread accurately. The accurate application of sewing thread should follow the following criteria:

(1) compatibility with cloth: sewing thread and material of cloth are the same or near, the ability to ensure its shrinkage, heat resistance, wear resistance, durability and so on, to avoid the difference between line and cloth and cause appearance.

(2) in accordance with clothing varieties: for special use, the sewing thread of special function should be considered, such as elastic clothing for the use of elastic sewing thread, and the use of the sewing thread with heat-resistant, flame retardant and waterproof treatment.

3. Coordinate with the line trace form: the stitches in different parts of the garment are different, and the sewing thread should be changed with the stitches. For example, the sewing needs to use the expanded line or the deformation line, the double line track should select the extended line, the crotch seam, the shoulder seam should be firmly, and the buckle eye line needs to be wear-resistant.

It is consistent with the quality quotation: the quality and quotation of the sewing thread should be in accordance with the level of the clothing, the high quality and high price sewing thread for the advanced garment, the medium and low grade clothing with the general quality and the moderate price of the sewing thread. Generally speaking, the grade of sewing thread, the quality of material used and the fineness of yarn are all marked on the label of sewing thread, which helps us to select and use sewing thread reasonably. Sewing thread signs generally contain four items (in sequence): yarn size, color, quality, processing method, can be indicated by "60/2X3 white polyester line".