General use of embroidery thread

- Jun 06, 2018-

The quality requirements of embroidery lines are mainly shown in three aspects: one is the color fastness of the embroidery thread, the two is the gloss of the embroidered line, and the three is the fastness of the embroidered line.

Generally speaking, these aspects belong to the product quality problem of embroidery thread factory. But the machine embroidery workers are familiar with the performance of embroidery thread and pay attention to the use of them.

The fastness of embroidery thread is related to the thickness of embroidery thread and the quality of cotton yarn.

However, it is also affected by the weather temperature and humidity, climate change can directly affect the quality of embroidery line, such as: cloudy day, Huang Meitian, embroidery line absorption of air water vapor, easy expansion, machine embroidery tension is also large, thus reducing the lubrication, line is easy to break. In this case, operators must relax the bottom and surface lines appropriately.

The comrades who often use embroidered lines have such a feeling that the embroidery thread produced by the same manufacturer is operated under the same climate conditions, and the dark line is higher than the light line. What is the reason for this?

Because dark line pigments are much more used than light colored lines. The pigment particles floating on the surface of the yarn (invisible to the naked eye) obstruct lubrication, so the dark line is easily broken.

When we know the common sense, we can use a bit of wax to reduce the stickiness and increase the degree of lubrication when using the dark line, that is, it can effectively reduce the broken line rate of the dark line.