How to ensure the environmental quality of the sewing thread

- Jun 06, 2018-

We all know that, in addition to the environmental sewing thread in order to order the sewing thread, not only the quality test of the sewing thread, the relevant certificate of the sewing thread, the review of the validity period of the sewing thread, the batch inspection of the sewing thread, the certificate only ensuring the qualification of the sample submission, and the actual sewing thread to the environmental quality, the requirement Department The environmental protection products are produced and controlled, and the factory has the function of self inspection. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the environmental protection quality of the sewing thread company. It is necessary to include the ring guarantee book, the environmental control system, the quality management process, and the environmental inspection instrument.

In addition to the purchase of the supplier, there is a need for the quality of the sewing thread from time to time. After the supply of sewing threads, many companies may buy some line oil on the sewing line to facilitate the smooth seams on the market because of quality problems, but if you are in demand for the environmental protection of the sewing thread, it must be correct. The acquisition of line oil must have environmental protection conditions. Environmental factors and adding other additives will affect the quality requirements of environmental protection.