Specification of embroidery thread

- Jun 06, 2018-

The specification of embroidery thread is expressed by the thickness and number of lines. For example, the specification of polyester silk embroidery yarn is 108D/2108D, which indicates the thickness of the thread, while the 2 represents the number of lines.

The thickness of embroidery thread is usually expressed by Dan Neal -D.

D (Daniel) refers to the weight of 9000 meter length silk, D=g/L*9000, of which G is the weight of the silk thread, and L is the length of the silk thread. The larger the number of D, the thicker the embroidery thread. On the contrary, the smaller the number of D, the thinner the embroidery thread is.

The general specifications of embroidery thread are 150D/2120D/2108D/2, 75D/2 and so on. The most commonly used specifications are: Rayon embroidery yarn is 120D/2, polyester embroidery line is 108D/2.

Taking polyester embroidery line 108D/2 as an example, 108D refers to the raw material of embroidered thread - the specification of polyester filament is 108D, that is, the weight of 9000 meters single strand silk is 108 grams, and the 2 refers to the embroidery thread made from two strands of polyester filament.