Two kinds of basic yarn for denim

- Jun 06, 2018-

1, Takesetsu Sa: in the direction of the length of the ordinary single yarn, the shape of rough knots and details appears. These coarse nodes and details resembles the nodules of bamboo, so it is called slub yarn. The characteristic parameters of slub yarn are base yarn number, slub roughness, pitch length and pitch. 2. Bao Xinsha: yarn made of two or more than two fibers. Some fiber is restricted to the axis of yarn, called yarn core, the raw material is filament or fine short fiber yarn; the other part is covered in the outer layer of the yarn, called the yarn skin, the raw material is short fiber, and the two part of the fiber boundary is obvious. The core wire is closely attached to the outer fiber, which does not cause fiber detachment or slippage during processing or application. Jeans commonly used core spun yarns are spandex core spun yarn, which are divided into three parts: drum, machine bag and twist wrap. The drum is looser and the bag is most tightly twisted. Denim yarn technology: ring spinning, compact spinning, yarn spinning, rotor spinning (rotor spinning)