Various sewing thread features

- Jun 06, 2018-

Polyester sewing thread

It has high strength, beautiful and wear-resistant stitches, no mildew, no rot, low price, rich color, and easy to fade.

Polyester and cotton sewing thread

It is made of 65% polyester staple fiber and 35% cotton fiber blended with high strength, good wear resistance, small flexibility and elasticity, good heat resistance. All kinds of clothes can be sewn.

Nylon sewing thread

- strong extension, good elasticity, lubricated texture, silky luster, excellent abrasion resistance.

Polyamide line

High strength, good wear resistance, little hygroscopicity, high elasticity, but not heat resistant, usually controlled at 120 degrees centigrade. Usually used to sew chemical fiber cloth, woolen and wool.

Shirts and so on.

Vinylon line

- low price, high breaking strength, lower wear resistance than polyamide line, good chemical stability, first sewing all kinds of flour bags, rubber shoes shoes, canvas, lock eye, nail buckle, etc.

Silk thread

- lube, luster, soft, good elasticity, high temperature resistance. Used in sewing woolen clothing and silk fabric; the rayon is bright, but the strength is poor, the hygroscopicity is poor, and the quotation is cheaper.