Dyeing And Color Classification Of Denim

- Jun 06, 2018-

(1)BLACK-BLACK DENIM: Black Warp Gauze Black Denim

The color of the denim warp yarn changes from blue to black. It can also be dyed black after weaving is completed. This fabric allows jeans to have real black color instead of gray.

(2) BLACK DENIM: Black Denim

This kind of denim uses black warp weaving instead of indigo. Wrangler claimed that in 1950, when he first introduced black denim to the jeans industry, he was specially outfitted for the cowboy hero Hopalong Cassidy on TV. The black denim fades to dark gray or produces a strong contrasting black and white effect, which has become a classic color for jeans.

(3) BLUE-BLACK DENIM: Blue and Black Denim

Warp dyed blue and then dyed black. After washing, the black peeling effect becomes blue and black.

(4) BROWN DENIM: Brown Denim

The denim's warp is dyed brown to create a new basic style.

(5) COLORE DENIM: Color Denim

The warp of denim is colored. Color denim is generally yarn dyed, or warp dyed, or warp and weft dyeing, mainly to reduce color. Colored jeans can also be achieved using cloth dyeing or garment dyeing.

(6) DOUBLE-DYED DENIM: Double-Dyeing Denim

Historically, the number of warp yarns used in the production of denim has been replaced by 12 to 16 times in the indigo dye bath. The result is a deeper, fuller, brighter blue. This effect can also be achieved by changing the indigo concentration in the dye bath, but the fastness will be less.

(7) DYEING PROCESS: Dyeing process

The dyeing process of denim is to impregnate the yarn of a raw cotton into a certain number of dye baths (typically 6 to 8 times). Each time the yarn is dyed, it is oxidized once (in the air). After the dyeing, the color of the yarn is yellow, green and blue. The yarn is then washed in several passes to wash away excess dye on the surface of the yarn.

(8) ECRU: True Color

Unstained denim, which retains the natural shade of cotton yarn, is now considered a basic color and color worn over many years.

(9) KHAKIS: Khakib

Comrades and military clothing made of seri-cotton are usually khaki and olive.