Embroidery Thread Classification

- Jun 06, 2018-

(1) fine embroidered cotton line

The pure cotton embroidery thread is twisted by a single yarn and has about 40 color systems, and each color system has 6~9 color steps from shallow to deep. It can be used together, the pure cotton thread in the coarser fabric embroidery should pay attention to the use of joint embroidery, otherwise the embroidered pattern is easy to foam and unflatbed.

(two) pure cotton thread

The crude embroidery thread of pure cotton is twisted by 3 yarns, and the color system is less, and the color order of each color system is 3~5, which is generally not used together, and the most is the use of two shares. It is suitable for embroidery on linen cloth and bottom cloth.

(three) share line

The plied yarn is mainly imported from abroad, and is composed of 6 stocks. The line itself is glossy and its color is very elegant. Each color system contains grey components such as gray green, gray powder, greyish blue and so on. The joint stock import line is most suitable for making yarn drawing, embroidery and so on.

(four) machine embroidery line

Machine embroidery thread, as the name suggests, is a thread used in sewing machines. Its texture is very tenacious, strong, and it is not easy to break stock. It works well on sewing machines. This line is not suitable for hand embroidery, because it contains the ingredients of talcum powder and pulp, handmade embroidery is easy to kill the knot, the affinity of embroidery thread and cloth is poor, embroidery thread is not easy to be flattened when embroidery.

(five) true silk thread

Silk thread is a unique embroidery thread in southern China. Just like our ink and wash painting, only China has it. Real silk is suitable for embroidery on soft bottom cloth such as soft satin and silk, and double sided embroidery on glass yarn. Using silk thread to embroider animals, its unique luster is very good for animal fur.

(six) wool

Woollen yarn is generally suitable for making knitted embroidery, including fine wool, medium thick thread, coarse twist and plied yarn. Note that embroidery should be made of coarse twisting or stranding on heavy cloth.

(seven) the gold and silver lines

The gold and silver lines are generally suitable for making plate gold embroidery and diamond embroidery. Because the texture of gold and silver thread is crisp, it is not suitable for embroidery with more complicated needles.

(eight) ribbon

Ribbon is a very fine colored ribbon woven by machine. It is suitable for use on coarse and thick base cloth, and can also be mixed with rough embroidery thread. The effect is very good. If you match with bead embroidery and sequins embroidery, the picture will be more colorful.