Teach You How To Identify The Sewing Thread

- Jun 06, 2018-

Many people search the sewing thread factory online, where are the sewing threads? In fact, this is our collective name for the line; if sewing factory, we just want to find sewing thread manufacturers, but now there are many special lines such as: transparent lines, core lines, night light, etc. are called sewing thread, Some customers will talk about transparent sewing thread, core-sewing thread, etc. These product names will be different in each place.

Regardless of how we call it, the product variety is the same, but the quality of the product produced by each factory is not the same, so we have to pay attention to the following points and the first when we buy the sewing thread: What is the line? Made of material. Second: There are not many joints produced by the wire during the production of the wire. Third: The pulling force of the line can not achieve the effect we want. Fourth, the color is not accurate. Fifth: The line does not dry, (if the line is wet, it will easily grow mildew). Seventh: How is the degree of lubrication? Eighth: Whether to achieve quality inspection in China. These issues are all problems that we have to think about. In general, many factories will pay attention to these details, but some factories often ignore these details in order to reduce costs or increase production.