The Role Of Sewing Thread

- Jun 06, 2018-

Sewing thread is only a function of sewing, decoration and embroidery, but its quality will have a significant impact on the garment industry. The cost of sewing thread only accounts for 1%-3% of clothing sales, but the impact on clothing quality is 100%.

In order to save a little cost, some garment manufacturers often use inferior sewing thread, but because of uneven sewing lines and too many knots, it often leads to broken lines or broken needles, but reduces the efficiency of clothing production and causes 10% loss. The aesthetic characteristics of sewing thread should be fully considered.

More than 50% of the country's materials are produced from Shishi and the surrounding area, like some poor quality sewing thread down clothes, it is due to the use of a number of unqualified zippers, resulting in allergic reactions to consumers, so that the manufacturers suffered huge losses.  Special attention should be paid to the safety of these products.

In the future, the development of garment industry and the quality of excipients will be more and more important. "Excipients have various categories, and the technological innovation process is very complicated, so we need to innovate with clothing. The supply of excipients may be the core competitiveness of China's manufacturing industry. For the development of the auxiliary material industry, the industry people should study the auxiliary materials, guide the investment and cultivate the new garment accessories industry cluster, give full play to the leading role of the auxiliary material market, and build a new distribution system of auxiliary materials with the market as the parent, and a professional market will drive the development of the whole industry; and establish the international advanced level of the auxiliary materials. The center of technological innovation and testing center will improve the design ability and quality of products, develop electronic commerce and increase the proportion of online transactions, and give full play to the role of the industry association, set up special funds, solve the common problems of the industry, and support the differential development of small and medium-sized enterprises.