The Types Of Sewing Threads And Their Use Skills

- Jun 06, 2018-

Apart from sewing, sewing thread also plays a decorative role. The amount and cost of sewing thread may be a small proportion of the whole garment, but sewing efficiency, sewing quality and appearance quality are important to this line. What kind of fabric is used in what kind of fabric is the most difficult thing to grasp.

Cotton and silk

The main components of natural fiber are cotton, silk, cotton fiber sewing thread with good strength, good heat resistance, suitable for high speed sewing and durable press, its elasticity and wear resistance is a little bad. In addition to the ordinary soft line, there are also cotton lines which are treated with wax and light and treated by wire. Wax light has improved strength and abrasion resistance, so that the frictional resistance of sewing can be reduced. It is suitable for sewing hard fabric and leather fabric. The mercerizing line is soft and glossy, and its strength is also improved. The handle is smooth and is used for medium and high grade cotton products. Because the domestic related equipment did not reach the ideal toughness for the late processing of cotton sewing thread, the cotton thread is still easily broken in the impression. Therefore, the scope of the cotton line is not very wide. Silk thread is superior to cotton line in gloss, elasticity, strength and wear resistance, but it is obviously inferior in price. It is mainly suitable for sewing silk and high-grade clothing, but the heat resistance and strength are lower than the polyester long silk thread.  Therefore, the polyester thread used in synthetic fibers is commonly used.

Polyester and polyester

Polyester thread is widely used in garment sewing of cotton, chemical fiber and blended fabric due to its high strength, low shrinkage, good abrasion resistance and good heat resistance. Polyester has filament, short silk and polyester low elastic silk thread. Among them, polyester staple fiber is mainly used for sewing all kinds of cotton, polyester cotton chemical fiber, wool and blended fabric. It is currently the most widely used sewing thread. Knitted apparel, such as sportswear, underwear and tights, is most commonly used in elastic polyester low elastic silk thread and nylon strength line. In addition, the polyester and silk in the mixed fiber will be more widely used because of its flexibility and glossiness and toughness. So the use of ultra thin fabrics is naturally less than polyester and nylon.

Nylon and blended

The nylon line has good abrasion resistance, high strength, good elasticity and Hikaruzawa Ryo. Because of its poor heat resistance, it is not suitable for high speed sewing and high temperature ironing fabrics. Commonly used nylon filament yarn is suitable for sewing of chemical fiber garments and buttons and buttons for all kinds of garments. The adaptation range of nylon and nylon monofilament is for some elastic fabric, which is a large fabric, which is used for the cutting edge, trousers, cuffs and buttons in the manual operation, as well as the belt buckles in the women's clothing, the cuff stop of Chinese clothing and the clear line decoration of the lower swing.

The blending line is mainly blended with polyester and cotton and core line. Polyester cotton yarn is made of polyester cotton blended, and its proportion is about 65:35. This kind of line has good wear resistance and heat resistance, and its yarn quality is soft. It is also suitable for sewing and copying all kinds of cotton fabrics, chemical fibers and knitted fabrics. Outside the core line is cotton, inside is polyester, because of the high strength of the core line, soft and elastic line, small shrinkage, both cotton and polyester characteristics and suitable for high speed sewing of medium and thick fabrics. These sewing threads have wide potential for use.

Gold wire and silver line

Silk decorative lines are characterized by colorful, elegant and gentle color; rayon decoration line is made of viscose, although glossiness and hand feel all achieve good results, but the strength of silk is slightly less. In addition, the decorative effect of gold and silver wire is getting more and more attention. Gold and silver wires, also known as process decorative lines, are obtained by coating colored fibers on polyester fibers. Designs, lines and partial decoration for Chinese clothing and fashion.