We Predict Price Of Sewing Thread Will Increase 5-10% In April And May

- Mar 26, 2019-

We predict price of sewing thread will increase 5-10% in April and May,and goes down in June. There are two big factors cause the increasing: government tax reform and short supply of chemical dyeing materials. 

Chinese govenment announced that new tax policies will act from April 1,2019. The new policy will cut some of export subsidies. It's bad news for all Chinese export companies.

Another bad news is the big explosion of a chemical factory in Jingsu province,east part of China. 70 people was killed in that explosion. That chemical factory is a very big factory,one of the mainer manufacturer of dyeing chemicals. Govenment will take more strict measures to all similar factories,it will cause a short supply of dyeing chemicals in April and May.